Anna Niedermeier,
Photographer / Artist

Starting early to capture every moment around me that occurs in the most special light or shows a particularly clear and truthful time, I developed my very own style to document the life of my own and the ones around me. Feeling the need to grab a camera and to transform the attended occasion into a media that can be shaped into an experience others around me can partake has become my passion. I’m happy to share and to be living it. Taking every opportunity to explore more of my own talent and the ways to keep enhancing it with pleasure. Working for and with further creatives, friends, craftsman and businesses, I enjoy the variety of fields and to give a new perspective to each of them by the way I’m seeing the world through my lens. It’s the style of documentary photography that lets you take part and also filters the specialty of the witnessed moment. It is shining a light for what’s important and what needs to be seen in the most clear and honest way.
That’s what I do. That’s what I do for you!

I take every chance to develop my photographic work into pieces of art paired with color, drawings and writing. These can be seen in exhibitions and on various online platforms.

IMPRESSUM / Anna Niedermeier Photography / Großenbrode/Berlin / 2023